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Welcome to Mahagedara Holdings

We are the symbol of ethical business for practical agriculture solutions. Our aim is to promote the organic fresh food industry in Sri Lanka offering internationally certified organic products for a healthier alternative and the wellbeing of our nation. By developing a chain of never ending organic farming clusters while sharing our knowledge in organic farming across the Island, through this it has given us the experience and energy to perform and cater to locally and foreign based individuals in need of our sustainable services.

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What is Organic Farming?

Organic Farming is referred to as the type of farming where farmers use natural substances while growing crops. The use of pesticides and chemicals is refrained. This type of farming not only maintains the health of the soil but also provides organically cultivated crops. There are many labeled organic producing organizations in Sri Lanka now a day’s but many lack international certifications and tend to deceive customers with false calming. All Our products on the other hand have acquired internationally recognized certifications which prove the quality standards we have set and have also displayed a copy of our internationally recognized EU organic certificate issued by the Mayacert in our web space.

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Our Services

We are providing the market opportunity for ground level farmers and entrepreneurs who have been engaging with value addition for locally grown organic produce.

Agriculture isn't an operation about just planting and harvesting. You are safe with our guidance to your agri business, for project planning for all initiatives of agriculture sector. As an investor in agricultural sector, you have a lot to explore with Mahagedara for practical agriculture solutions.

Agriculture is a blend of science and art. So, it’s essential to gather experience, knowledge and global trends to be a successful agro entrepreneur. We are capable to provide agribusiness opportunities for your farm to convert it in to a unique profitable agribusiness.